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Stop vandalism with anti-graffiti films

28 July 2022

Stop vandalism with anti-graffiti films

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Anti-graffiti window film is a transparent safety film that effectively protects your shop windows from tags and graffiti.

Easy to install and maintain, the anti-graffiti window film has a scratch-resistant surface that minimises or eliminates damage caused by scratches, paint/spray, chemical attacks, and wear and tear.

Why install an anti-graffiti window film?

Vandalism, especially graffiti, is a recurring problem for shop and business windows. The potential costs of painting over graffiti can quickly mount up if a cleaning company is called in or even the entire window is changed.

Graffiti and scratched windows create an unsightly appearance that gives your business a bad image and could drive away potential customers. Solar Screen's adhesive film is an inexpensive window film designed to protect your windows. It can be removed and replaced quickly if it is painted or scratched.

If you are a victim of this type of vandalism, it is much quicker and cheaper to put on a new film than to replace the glass. Anti-Graffiti film costs a fraction of the price of new glass and also offers UV protection for a 2-in-1 action, plus you have the peace of mind of knowing that the film will hold the glass in place in the event of an impact, explosion or fire.

About the Solar Screen Anti-graffiti window film range

The operation of the anti-graffiti window film is simple. The clear film is applied to the glass surface and acts as a disposable layer that can be removed and replaced as required. It is designed to maintain the integrity of your building against deliberate scratching, acid etching, and tagging, as well as conventional wear and tear. Quick installation and replacement will have very little impact on the day-to-day running of your business.

Clear 4 XC G anti-graffiti window film protects against graffiti and tags and provides protection against other vandalism such as scratching and acid etching. It is also safety rated as it prevents glass splinters in the event of an impact on the glass. Finally, thanks to its UV block treatment, it will protect you from the UV rays that cause discolouration.

Protec 4 C and Protec 6 C films are resistant to many solvents, protect against graffiti, tags, scratches, or acid etching. It is also safety rated as it prevents glass splintering in the event of an explosion, impact, or fire. Protec 4 C film complies with NF F 31-112 G1 and EN45545-1 level HL3.

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