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Give your office a new look with window film

28 July 2022

Give your office a new look with window film

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Decorate, protect from heat, provide privacy... Thanks to their many advantages, self-adhesive window films offer more comfort and safety to employees during their long working days. Want to give your business windows a new look? Here are the top 5 reasons to choose window film for your office windows.

Window film is versatile and easy to use

Using adhesive window film is extremely easy. It only takes a few minutes to apply. Electrostatic and easy to apply, office window films can be removed at any time and new films can be applied several times without damaging the surface they cover.

They can also be adapted to the size and shape of your office windows, as they can be cut to size according to your wishes and needs. Finally, they can be used in all types of professional interiors: open space, medical offices, consulting rooms, shop windows, etc.

Adhesive films are an economical solution

Decorative glass is expensive! But what if you want to add a little more design and fantasy to your company? You don't have to change all the glass to do this. The film is an excellent solution for decorating windows and all glass surfaces on your business premises. Patterned, gradient effect, coloured...

Solar Screen's self-adhesive films are made from high-quality polyester, which guarantees a long service life and easy maintenance. Solar Screen also offers security films that protect against glass breakage, attempted break-ins, and cracks without requiring you to install armoured glass. This makes it possible to secure your business interior at a lower cost.

Window film protects your office from heat and sun

In summer, the days at the office can sometimes seem endless. Solar window film is your savior against the "oven effect" and the heat. It is highly reflective and lets in light while protecting your interior from the sun's invasive rays.

Solar film is an economical solution that allows natural temperature regulation in your office, limiting or even eliminating your need for air conditioning!

Anti-glare window film offers more privacy

For a peaceful workplace, choose discretion. Thanks to privacy film, your offices will be protected from vis-à-vis. You can choose an opaque film to isolate yourself completely from the outside world or to hide a desk in the middle of open space. You can also choose a patterned adhesive film to act as a privacy screen. Or you can opt for a reflective film that will allow you to see without being seen by creating a mirror effect from the outside.

An office window film puts your company in the spotlight

Do you want to give your business premises more life and colour? You can use printable window films. Slogans, logos, advertising photographs, etc. You can use your self-adhesive films to display any graphic representation you like and turn your windows into a marketing and design asset.

To find the ideal office window film, visit Solar Screen and choose from a wide range of models!

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