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Safety film

Published on 30 June 2022

Security in the workplace: how to protect your windows?

What is more important in the workplace than security? Protecting your business against burglary, break-ins or vandalism means securing the most...
Published on 27 June 2022

Office window film: 5 reasons to give your company windows a makeover

Decorate, protect from heat, provide privacy... Thanks to their many advantages, self-adhesive window films offer more comfort and safety to...
Published on 09 June 2022

Safety in schools: protecting windows despite accidents

A ball bouncing in the wrong place, a child banging his or her head against the window... A broken window can happen so quickly in kindergartens...
Published on 16 May 2022

Anti graffiti film

Shops and offices in urban areas are increasingly exposed to vandalism. Their shop windows and large glass surfaces are frequently affected by tags...
Published on 16 May 2022

Mirror protection film

Some public places with many mirrors (sports halls, dance halls, etc.) need to make them as safe as possible. A broken mirror, through impact,...
Published on 13 May 2022

3 ways to use privacy window film

Privacy film helps protect your personal information from prying eyes. By ensuring that your windows are not visible at night, you can protect...
Published on 12 May 2022

Transparent adhesive film for windows

Transparent window films are safety films mainly used to reinforce your windows. This transparent adhesive film will add an extra layer of security...
Published on 12 May 2022

Security window film for cars

Solar Screen offers a range of security window films for cars to protect from intrusion. Tinted or clear, these protective films increase the...
Published on 21 April 2022

Window film installation: why and how does it work?

Window films can help you solve different problems or meet different needs: heat or glare issues, fading issues, need for privacy, need for...
Published on 05 April 2022

Protect windows with safety film for glass

Security in buildings has become a priority and improving the security infrastructure in institutions is a major concern.
Published on 17 January 2022

Protect your windows and shop with anti-graffiti window film

Anti-graffiti window film is a transparent safety film that effectively protects your shop windows from tags and graffiti.
Published on 17 January 2022

Protect yourself from intrusion with a safety window film

The windows in your home are constantly at risk of accidental damage and burglary, and if the glass is not tempered or laminated,

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