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Adhesive film

Give your loved ones even more security

Both in a home and in a business, it is essential to offer optimal security to avoid intrusions. Because they are unfortunately the preferred target of burglars and vandals, windows can quickly turn into a front door ... It is good to take the lead and apply a layer of security to the windows.

Our different types of films adapt to all glass surfaces and can offer other advantages such as avoiding scratches or protecting against graffiti. Indeed, we offer different ranges that adapt to homes, businesses but also to dance halls, for example,
thanks to our mirror back protection.

Remember, security is priceless, that is why Solar Screen offers security films in accordance with the PPMS decree (specific precautionary safety measures plan).
They are the best way to deal with break-ins by keeping people safe inside while avoiding broken and flying glass.



With their extra thickness and specially reinforced adhesive layer, transparent protection films are designed for indoor and outdoor use. They provide effective protection against flying glass and other kinds of damage.



The SOLAR SCREEN® 2-in-1 Combination security films offer a fusion of high performance, discretion and security qualities for all your windows.



Maintenance of glazed surfaces in public and private spaces that are afflicted with acts of vandalism such as graffiti or tagging can rapidly become a source of considerable expense.

The SOLAR SCREEN® Special Anti-graffiti window film is an ally of choice in the effort to provide cost-effective and efficient protection.

A scratch-resistant coating provides security films with added protection against light surface scratching, as well as against certain inks or paints that can be wiped away using alcohol without fear of damaging the film. A considerable advantage of these films is that, even if tags resist all attempts at removal or scratches prove too deep, the whole film can be removed and replaced without the need for further costly interventions.

What is more, these films are certified M1 fire-resistant, able to withstand considerable exposure to flames and will hold shattered glass securely in place in case of impact.

To facilitate the removal of window films in locations with a high incidence of exposure to tags or graffiti it is simply recommended that more soap is used in the laying of the film in order to slightly reduce its adhesive properties. Add 2cl of washing up liquid to 1l of water in order to facilitate the removal of the film, along with any adhesive residue from the glass surface.



Specially designed to afford mirrors and windows a higher degree of security, the SOLAR SCREEN® Special Security films are ideal for use in spaces such as sports halls or dance studios.

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