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Customise your windows with printing adhesive film

Published on 17 January 2022

Decorative window film

Printing adhesive film has become extremely popular as a decorative solution for both businesses and individuals.

Personalised patterns, logos, messages... Personalising your windows is child's play!

Bring to life all the designs you can dream of with printable adhesive films. From privacy to decoration and custom window designs, printed window films have the power to transform any space. From residential to commercial applications, we can enhance the glass around you.

Printable adhesive film for professionals

Do you own a shop, jewelry store, bakery, restaurant, or private practice? The printable film becomes a real media support. You will be able to convey a message thanks to the window sticker and above all attract the eye of passers-by.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. Take a step towards modern solutions and take advantage of a commercial branding solution for your business. Go beyond the sign and make use of the glazing available to you. Whether it's to reinforce a unique message, convey a theme, or simply showcase your logo, glazing becomes useful.

Just like in offices, this type of adhesive film will allow you to bring privacy on a glass partition for example, or simply decorate your premises with your company's image.

Printable adhesive film for private individuals

Are you subject to privacy? Are you looking for a solution to prevent people from seeing you through your windows from the outside? Or do you simply want to give your home a different and original look?

In these cases, the first solutions that come to mind are blinds or curtains. However, they have the disadvantage of cutting off natural light or do not always match our interior design.

A printed adhesive film is finally the ideal solution because, depending on the film you choose, it will give you all the privacy you need and be personalised at the same time. If you want a specific design for your office windows or your children's favorite character for their bedroom windows: this is possible with printable films.

Are you interested in this solution but don't necessarily want to personalise your film? See our article on the use of design films.


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