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Technological films

Published on 17 June 2022

Anti-fogging film

The appearance of fogging at the slightest condensation is quickly disturbing in a professional environment. For windows and glass equipment (e.g....
Published on 17 June 2022

Antimicrobial film

For indoor and outdoor use, Solar Screen's antimicrobial film offers optimal hygiene protection on all surfaces. The antimicrobial film...
Published on 17 June 2022

Projection window film

Diversifying display techniques is a way to boost communication. With an overhead projection film, transform your transparent surfaces and windows...
Published on 28 April 2022

What is one way mirror film and how does it work?

Installing window film is becoming an increasingly popular option for home and business owners who want privacy without giving up natural light in...
Published on 17 January 2022

A new technology of cloaking film to protect your privacy

In a company, confidential data shown on a screen can't always be hidden from people's sight.

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