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Blog > Technological films > A new technology of cloaking film to protect your privacy

A new technology of cloaking film to protect your privacy

Published on 17 January 2022

Technological films

In a company, confidential data shown on a screen can't always be hidden from people's sight.

For example, a screen in a meeting room with large windows can be seen by everyone who walks by. Solar Screen has the solution to keep your sensitive data safe!

Secure your screens in the office with adhesive cloaking film

Displays are a risk for exposure to your sensitive data. We've all had those awkward moments when we inadvertently see information or have access to another person's data on a screen next to us.

Industrial espionage is still there! It is important to know that hackers are able to hack with sophisticated lines of code as well as in the simplest way: just by looking at your screen.

With the right security tools, you can keep your data safe and effectively protect your sensitive information from visual hacking. Our Data Jammer privacy film helps companies and individuals work with the peace of mind to avoid data theft. You won't have to worry about your neighbours even if you work in a coworking space, your data will be protected.

What information are we hiding?

Passwords, open files on your screen, presentations or data in general, anything confidential on your computer... All this information becomes vulnerable, which is why a maximum level of security is recommended to avoid any prying eyes.

Companies spend a lot of time and effort protecting sensitive information, but many overlook the most rudimentary form of theft, which is glancing at a computer screen. This is the simplest and yet most successful form of hacking in the world.

Data Jammer, the innovative adhesive film by Solar Screen

The Data Jammer is a cloaking film, more likely known as polarising adhesive window film that creates a blackout effect on LED, LCD, or Plasma screens, whilst maintaining a clear view through the glass. The Data Jammer can be applied to any type of clear glass, whether it is a new project or an existing glass wall.

The direction in which the film should be applied can vary depending on the display technology (LED, LCD). In all cases, a preliminary test is essential to obtain an optimum result.

It acts as an intelligent shield to ensure the confidentiality of your data, while providing the peace of mind needed to collaborate freely in any work environment.

For more information on our Data Jammer privacy film and its installation requirements, write to us here to be put in touch with one of our sales representatives.


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